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This root page is dedicated to server administrivia. To access relevant content, see the system's users' pages.

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This system provides a number of services that are secured by SSL/TLS. SSL and TLS use a "certificate" to allow a server to verify its authenticity to the user. Rich people and companies usually buy these certificates from public certificate authorities that most user programs are preset to trust. The administrator of this system cannot afford buying a certificate for each service, however, so he set up his own certificate authority, which means that user programs will not trust it by default. To securely be able to use these services, you will need to manually download the certificates using the links below, depending on which services you wish to use. Your web browser should ask you if you want to trust the certificate when you download it. Important: You should only choose to trust it after you verify it, to ensure that no one modified the certificate while it was in transit to you over the internet. To verify it, choose to inspect it - most current web browsers will allow you to do that. Look up the "fingerprint" and compare it to the fingerprint that is listed next to each certificate in the list. The ones listed are the SHA-1 fingerprint, if your browser lists several fingerprints. Of course, if you have not yet imported the certificate, and/or are viewing this page over a non-encrypted connection, any dedicated attacker would also have falsified the below list of fingerprints as well (and deleted this notice, but then you would not even be reading it), in which case such verification is also worthless. To be absolutely secure, key verification without cryptographic proof should always – not only on this page – be carried out out-of-band, such as asking a known party for the correct fingerprint in person or over a telephone.

If you want to automatically trust all the secure services provided by the system, only download the CA certificate below. Since all other certificates are signed with it, it will automatically make the others trusted.

System services

System Status

This HTTP server is an ashd server running on nerv on top of GNU/Linux (Linux 4.9.0-11-amd64).

Network information
nervup157+09:412 users, load 2.74, 2.62, 2.56
shackup157+05:2220 users, load 0.37, 0.36, 0.30

Bandwidth usage

Connectivity statistics


This system uses free software exclusively. Currently, this includes Linux and a large part of the GNU system, MIT Kerberos, Sendmail, Dovecot, OpenSSH, ISC BIND and much, much more. Credit goes out to all authors of these programs, for all it is worth.

In addition to using free software, this system attempts to comply with open standards, such as XHTML and CSS on this page. If you happen to find something that does not strictly comply, please do mail the administrator, using the address found at the end of this page, except about content found on a user-maintained subsection.

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