2019-02-02 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of master
2019-02-02 Fredrik Tolfpython*: Use poll instead of select in ckflush.
2018-04-02 Fredrik Tolfpsendfile: Fixed missing include.
2017-03-11 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of rpi2:src/ashd
2017-03-11 Fredrik Tolflib: Fixed potential kqueue timespec storage bug.
2017-03-11 Fredrik Tolflib: Replicated mtio-epoll's timeheap implementation...
2017-03-07 Fredrik Tolfcallcgi: Fixed possible deadlock problem on aborted...
2017-03-02 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2017-03-02 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Fixed typo.
2017-03-02 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Fixed typo.
2017-02-01 Fredrik Tolfpython3: Cache async channel FDs so that updates always...
2017-02-01 Fredrik Tolfpython3: To be safe, abort entirely if initial epoller...
2017-01-09 Fredrik Tolfpython3: Fixed some threadpool handler bugs.
2016-12-31 Fredrik Tolflib: Fixed timeheap bug with ioloop reentrancy.
2016-12-31 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'timeheap'
2016-12-31 Fredrik Tolflib: Removed the surely redundant struct timeentry... timeheap
2016-12-31 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' into timeheap
2016-12-31 Fredrik Tolflib: Fixed blocker iteration bug in mtio-select introdu...
2016-11-23 Fredrik Tolflib: Use abort() instead of exit() when smalloc fails.
2016-10-30 Fredrik Tolflib: Fixed bioprintf bug.
2016-06-22 Fredrik Tolfpython: Improved current-watcher implementation.
2016-06-19 Fredrik Tolfpython: Fixed async module bug.
2016-06-19 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added a channel superclass for ashd.async.
2016-06-19 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Fixed up duplex timeouts.
2016-06-18 Fredrik Tolfpython: Somewhat integrate async watchers with wsgidir...
2016-06-17 Fredrik Tolfpython: Rewrote ashd.async for greater generality.
2016-06-11 Fredrik Tolfpython3: Added utility module for dealing with asynchro...
2016-05-18 Fredrik TolfUpdated changelog.
2016-05-18 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' into duplex
2016-05-18 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2016-05-18 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' into duplex
2016-05-18 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2016-05-18 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added ashd-wsgi3 support for passing file descr...
2016-05-18 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'duplex' of into...
2016-05-18 Fredrik Tolflib: Added mblock support for kqueue.
2016-05-18 Fredrik Tolflib: Fixed mblock bug for epoll.
2016-05-18 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Fixed bad size_t.
2016-05-18 Fredrik Tolfaccesslog: Pass file descriptors through response.
2016-05-18 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Added support for full-duplex requests.
2016-05-18 Fredrik Tolflib: Added support for blocking on multiple file descri...
2016-05-16 Fredrik Tolflib: Added mtio ability to pass file descriptors over...
2016-05-16 Fredrik Tolflib: Added bufio I/O-less copy function.
2016-05-14 Fredrik Tolfaccesslog: Fail as soon as possible on broken channels.
2016-05-14 Fredrik Tolflib: Report as many errors as possible from biowritesome.
2016-05-13 Fredrik Tolfpython3: Use higher-resolution CPU timer.
2016-05-12 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added more info to perf request objects.
2016-05-08 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Use bufio instead of stdio for greater respon...
2016-05-01 Fredrik Tolflib: Fixed another bufio bug.
2016-05-01 Fredrik Tolflib: Commit missing bufio include.
2016-04-26 Fredrik Tolflib: Fixed some bufio bugs.
2016-04-25 Fredrik Tolfaccesslog: Use bufio for filtering instead of stdio.
2016-04-25 Fredrik Tolflib: Added bufio variants of parseresponse/parseheaders...
2016-04-25 Fredrik Tolflib: Compile bufio.
2016-04-25 Fredrik Tolflib: Added mtio-driven bufio implementation.
2016-04-25 Fredrik Tolflib: Added bufio replacement for stdio.
2016-04-13 Fredrik Tolflib: Allow reception of mtstdopen info structure.
2016-04-09 Fredrik Tolflib: Fixed weird urlquote typo.
2016-04-08 Fredrik Tolfaccesslog: Remember to flush request-body.
2016-04-08 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Describe the new behavior of accesslog.
2016-04-07 Fredrik Tolfaccesslog: Added a filtering mode to collect such data...
2016-04-04 Fredrik Tolfpython3: Fixed name conflict.
2016-04-04 Fredrik Tolfpython3: Make pooled threads start exit when wait-pool...
2016-04-03 Fredrik Tolfpython3: Added a pooled thread handler.
2016-04-03 Fredrik Tolfpython3: Fixed bug in sendreq.
2015-11-01 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Fixed SSL client-address formatting.
2015-10-30 Fredrik Tolfcall[fs]cgi: Fixed quoting bug.
2015-08-05 Fredrik Tolflib: Fixed minor bug in expandargs.
2015-08-05 Fredrik Tolflib: Fixed fopencookie seek function type.
2015-08-03 Fredrik Tolfpython: Try to shut ashd-wsgi down more nicely upon...
2015-08-03 Fredrik Tolfpython: Make recvfd/sendfd behave better on EINTR.
2015-03-28 Fredrik Tolfdirplex: Added reparse support.
2015-02-03 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added some code for easier testing of WSGI...
2015-02-03 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Handle ECONNABORTED correctly.
2014-11-10 Fredrik Tolfpatplex: Fixed segfault bug in pattern replacement.
2014-10-15 Fredrik Tolfcall[fs]cgi: Reset SIGCHLD to SIG_DFL before exec'ing...
2014-10-14 Fredrik Tolflib: Improved EAGAIN reporting friendliness further.
2014-10-14 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2014-10-14 Fredrik Tolfcall[fs]cgi: Call killcuraddr explicitly instead of...
2014-09-30 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Clarified wording slightly.
2014-09-29 Fredrik Tolfhttrcall: Implemented optional limiting of child processes.
2014-09-29 Fredrik Tolfcall[fs]cgi: Fixed shutdown bug.
2014-08-11 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Affix a unique connection ID to each request.
2014-07-13 Fredrik Tolfhttimed: Prevent lossage of buffered requests during...
2014-05-17 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added a global wsgidir module attribute to...
2014-05-17 Fredrik Tolfpsendfile: Fixed crash when files cannot be opened.
2014-04-25 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2014-04-13 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Fixed typo.
2014-04-13 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Accept more connections in bulk.
2014-04-12 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Added support for handing a cipher priority...
2014-03-10 Fredrik Tolfcallfcgi: Improved recvrec implementation.
2014-03-03 Fredrik Tolflib: Transfer the responsibility of fopencookie bugs...
2014-03-03 Fredrik Tolfcallfcgi: Use the library mtio pipes instead of kernel...
2014-03-03 Fredrik Tolflib: Implemented internal mtio pipes.
2014-03-02 Fredrik Tolflib: Fixed lingering stdchild bug.
2014-03-02 Fredrik Tolflib: Fixed uncompiled bugs in the funopen path.
2014-03-02 Fredrik Tolflib: Introduced a portable abstraction layer for custom...
2014-03-02 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2014-03-02 Fredrik Tolfdirplex: Actually allow zero-argument index-file, as...
2014-03-01 Fredrik TolfUpdated changelog.
2014-03-01 Fredrik Tolfbuild: Remove GNU-make extensions from doc/Makefile.