Ensure that environment maintanence runs regularly.
[didex.git] / didex / index.py
2018-03-20 Fredrik TolfEnsure that environment maintanence runs regularly.
2018-03-20 Fredrik TolfAdded a t_bool type.
2015-08-03 Fredrik TolfFixed index opening thread-safety by including it in...
2015-04-06 Fredrik TolfAdded index type for case-folded strings.
2015-03-31 Fredrik TolfAdded an explicit index type for object IDs.
2015-03-30 Fredrik TolfAdded support for partial compound key matches.
2015-03-30 Fredrik TolfFixed some index bugs.
2015-03-30 Fredrik TolfFixed index bugs.
2015-03-30 Fredrik TolfImproved cursor functionality.
2015-03-21 Fredrik TolfAdded support for compound indices.
2015-03-20 Fredrik TolfAdded some convenient __all__ imports.
2015-03-20 Fredrik TolfAdded more indexed types.
2015-03-19 Fredrik TolfRemoved unused duplicates flag from ordered index.
2015-03-18 Fredrik TolfMade the transactional database functions accept an...
2015-03-16 Fredrik TolfInitial import.