Fixed some index bugs.
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2015-03-30 Fredrik TolfFixed some index bugs.
2015-03-30 Fredrik TolfFixed datastore registration bug.
2015-03-30 Fredrik TolfFixed index bugs.
2015-03-30 Fredrik TolfImproved cursor functionality.
2015-03-29 Fredrik TolfIncluding compound indices in __all__.
2015-03-29 Fredrik TolfRenamed to avoid top-level conflict.
2015-03-21 Fredrik TolfAdded support for compound indices.
2015-03-20 Fredrik TolfAdded some convenient __all__ imports.
2015-03-20 Fredrik TolfAdded autostore convenience type.
2015-03-20 Fredrik TolfImproved environment initialization.
2015-03-20 Fredrik TolfAdded more indexed types.
2015-03-20 Fredrik TolfFixed cache bug.
2015-03-20 Fredrik TolfAdded live-object store and simple indexing.
2015-03-20 Fredrik TolfAdded post-commit callbacks to transactions.
2015-03-19 Fredrik TolfRemoved unused duplicates flag from ordered index.
2015-03-18 Fredrik TolfMade the transactional database functions accept an...
2015-03-16 Fredrik TolfInitial import.