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ownerFredrik Tolf
last changeFri, 13 Nov 2020 21:19:27 +0000 (22:19 +0100)
2020-11-13 Fredrik Tolffsb: Work around cookie processors no longer being... master
2020-11-13 Fredrik Tolffsb: Fixed another bankid bug.
2020-11-13 Fredrik Tolffsb: Added support for OUTSTANDING_TRANSACTION bankid...
2020-11-13 Fredrik Tolffsb: Fixed bankid status bug.
2020-04-07 Fredrik TolfHandle authentication errors better.
2020-04-07 Fredrik Tolffsb: Handle some bankid failures better.
2020-01-01 Fredrik Tolfnetbank: Allow some fuzzy account-id matching.
2020-01-01 Fredrik TolfAbstracted some common data-types.
2020-01-01 Fredrik Tolffsb: Fixed cardaccount repr bug.
2020-01-01 Fredrik Tolffsb: Added support for card accounts.
2018-06-06 Fredrik Tolfnetbank: Added missing newline.
2018-06-06 Fredrik Tolfnetbank: Fixed logout bug.
2018-06-06 Fredrik TolfAdded netbank executable.
2018-06-06 Fredrik Tolfauth: Fixed typos.
2018-06-06 Fredrik Tolffsb: Fixed typo.
2018-06-05 Fredrik TolfImprove authentication support.
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