anndl: Fixed a couple of bugs.
[utils.git] / autodlctl
2009-05-16 fredrikautodlctl: Fixed a bug in reading the badsizes list
2007-03-03 fredrikHandle badsize estat.
2006-06-02 fredrikFixed bug in findcurep.
2006-06-01 fredrikFix typo bug in findcurep.
2006-05-31 fredrikFix bug in bad file reporting.
2006-05-31 fredrikAdd bad eps to badlist automatically.
2006-05-31 fredrikFind next ep more flexibly.
2006-05-31 fredrikUse cwd instead of "$d/.autodl".
2006-05-30 fredrikDisable when faulty.
2006-05-30 fredrikCorrected typo.
2006-05-29 fredrikFetch exit status and check for double eps.
2005-10-30 fredrikEnable wait mode.
2005-10-30 fredrikWait until the PID file is gone.
2005-10-30 fredrikAdd restart command.
2005-09-26 fredrikMore flexible badsizes format.
2005-08-09 fredrikInhibit error message.
2005-05-26 fredrik@DOLDA2000.COMAlways check badsizes.
2005-05-12 fredrik@DOLDA2000.COMAutodl deletes the info file.
2005-05-11 fredrik@DOLDA2000.COMCreate an info file.
2005-04-20 fredrik@DOLDA2000.COMInitial import.