Use a PixbufLoader to load image data.
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2013-05-15 Fredrik TolfUse a PixbufLoader to load image data.
2013-05-15 Fredrik TolfSave current zoom mode.
2013-05-15 Fredrik TolfChanged profile interface a bit.
2013-05-13 Fredrik TolfAdded page refresh(/retry) feature.
2013-05-12 Fredrik TolfAdded manga aliases.
2013-05-12 Fredrik TolfAdded manga iterator and byname function to mrnet.
2013-05-12 Fredrik TolfAdded a library for
2013-05-12 Fredrik TolfMade the htcache more overrideable.
2013-05-12 Fredrik TolfHandle mangafox download errors slightly nicer.
2013-05-12 Fredrik TolfRaise a well-defined error for directories that are...
2013-05-12 Fredrik TolfKeep track of current page in the profile.
2013-05-12 Fredrik TolfAdded basic profile handling.
2013-05-12 Fredrik TolfCoalesce local isolated pages.
2013-05-12 Fredrik TolfAdded support for local manga.
2013-05-11 Fredrik TolfChanged the reader threading model to do callbacks...
2013-05-11 Fredrik TolfChagned library importer interface.
2013-05-11 Fredrik TolfFixed cursor bug.
2013-05-11 Fredrik TolfFixed a couple of minor reader issues.
2013-05-11 Fredrik TolfAdded page selection comboboxes.
2013-05-11 Fredrik TolfAbstracted common parts of various background processes.
2013-05-11 Fredrik TolfDisplay progress of preloading.
2013-05-11 Fredrik TolfImplemented somewhat proper background-fetching of...
2013-05-11 Fredrik TolfReimplemented pagetree.idlist nicer.
2013-05-11 Fredrik TolfCall gtk.main_quit in reader.quit.
2013-05-11 Fredrik TolfAdded a lazy-loading dict of known, named libraries.
2013-05-11 Fredrik TolfBetter error handling for mangafox.
2013-05-11 Fredrik TolfAdded names to pages as well.
2013-05-11 Fredrik TolfMoved the mangaview functionality directly into the...
2013-05-11 Fredrik TolfAdded initial reader interface, with zooming and pannin...
2013-05-11 Fredrik TolfFixed cursor typo.
2013-05-11 Fredrik TolfAdded clen attribute to imgstreams.
2013-05-05 Fredrik TolfAdded a fileno function on imgstreams, for polling.
2013-05-05 Fredrik TolfAdded a simple copy function for cursors.
2012-04-06 Fredrik TolfUpdated mangafox base URL.
2012-02-29 Fredrik TolfAdded more persistent string IDs to the various pagetre...
2012-02-29 Fredrik TolfUsed the pagetree stacks to extend the pageiter to...
2012-02-29 Fredrik TolfAdded a proper pagestack to pagelists and pages.
2012-02-29 Fredrik TolfProperly inherit from lib.imgstream in mangafox.
2012-02-29 Fredrik TolfDocumented the behavior of the basic library classes.
2012-02-29 Fredrik TolfAdded a flat page iterator for arbitrary page lists.
2012-02-29 Fredrik TolfImplemented an unimplemented iter for mangafox library.
2012-02-29 Fredrik TolfAdded initial version of mangafox library.