2022-04-19 Fredrik Tolfautomanga: Added option to sort tags-lists by mtime. master
2022-04-19 Fredrik Tolfprofile: Add mtime function to manga profile.
2022-04-19 Fredrik Tolfautomanga: Handle tag-list failures more gracefully.
2021-08-17 Fredrik TolfAdded manganato library.
2021-06-13 Fredrik Tolflocal: Use pathlib instead of direct filesystem calls.
2020-08-07 Fredrik Tolfautomanga: Remove (apparently) depricated init calls.
2020-07-27 Fredrik Tolfgetmanga: Introduce a bit of retry logic in opening...
2020-06-20 Fredrik Tolfgetmanga: Allow specifying getnames in props-file.
2020-06-20 Fredrik Tolflocal: Read and use prefix names.
2020-06-19 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2020-06-19 Fredrik Tolfgetmanga: Added ability to save node names.
2020-06-13 Fredrik Tolfautomanga: Don't use CWD by default if given no arguments.
2020-06-08 Fredrik TolfProvide proper referers for nelo and kakalot.
2020-01-13 Fredrik TolfAdded manganelo library.
2020-01-13 Fredrik Tolfkakalot: Added search functionality.
2020-01-13 Fredrik Tolfgetmanga; Added pattern templates to usage text.
2020-01-13 Fredrik TolfAdded kakalot library.
2018-02-04 Fredrik TolfFixed some Mangafox update issues.
2017-05-19 Fredrik TolfDelete getmanga output files that aren't properly compl...
2017-05-16 Fredrik TolfFixed some profile bugs in getmanga.
2017-05-15 Fredrik TolfAdded getmanga ability to specify ad-hoc pattern on...
2017-05-15 Fredrik TolfFixed some getmanga pattern expansion bugs.
2017-05-15 Fredrik TolfFixed getmanga property reading bug.
2017-05-15 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2017-05-15 Fredrik TolfAdded getmanga to installed programs.
2017-05-15 Fredrik TolfAdded initial version of getmanga.
2017-05-15 Fredrik TolfFixed up cursor iteration more properly(?)
2017-05-15 Fredrik TolfRe-equipped manga.lib.cursor with iteration ability.
2016-09-04 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2016-08-31 Fredrik TolfUse "standard" user-agent for Batoto.
2016-08-31 Fredrik TolfMake the cache interface slightly more extensible.
2016-01-03 Fredrik TolfFix up BS4 warnings in mangafox and mrnet.
2016-01-03 Fredrik TolfSpecify GTK version explicitly to shut GI up.
2015-12-31 Fredrik TolfFixed debug-message-less syntax.
2015-12-31 Fredrik TolfStabilize Batoto paging mode.
2015-12-31 Fredrik TolfFixed Python3 bug.
2015-12-31 Fredrik TolfConvert to Python3.
2015-12-31 Fredrik TolfRaise slightly more helpful error on idpageget failure.
2015-12-31 Fredrik TolfGroup Batoto chapters into groups.
2015-12-31 Fredrik TolfFixed Batoto search.
2015-12-31 Fredrik TolfFixed up large parts of Batoto.
2015-12-30 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'python3' of wolf:src/automanga into python3
2015-12-30 Fredrik TolfFixed up Mangafox chapter IDs.
2015-12-30 Fredrik TolfRemoved debug message.
2015-12-30 Fredrik TolfWIP: Trying to get Batoto to work with new site.
2015-12-30 Fredrik TolfUse profile module for consistent work-directory.
2015-11-19 Fredrik TolfRemoved lingering debug message.
2015-11-18 Fredrik TolfBegan porting rawsen to Python3.
2015-11-16 Fredrik TolfPorted mrnet to Python3.
2015-11-16 Fredrik TolfFixed some more Python3-compatibility in mangafox.
2015-11-16 Fredrik TolfSpecify a custom user-agent string for all default...
2015-11-16 Fredrik TolfPorted mangafox to Python3.
2015-11-16 Fredrik TolfInitial port of core code to Python3.
2015-11-15 Fredrik TolfFixed up GTK alignments.
2015-11-15 Fredrik TolfIgnore double errors from pixbuf-loader closing.
2015-11-15 Fredrik TolfInitial port to GIR and GTK 3.
2015-10-30 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2014-10-12 Fredrik TolfFixed error message bug.
2014-05-29 Fredrik TolfFixed typo.
2014-05-22 Fredrik TolfDecode HTML entities correctly.
2014-05-19 Fredrik TolfAdded library for
2014-05-04 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2014-05-04 Fredrik TolfFixed Batoto updates.
2014-05-04 Fredrik TolfDon't crash on tag listing when a manga has ceased...
2014-01-19 Fredrik TolfMade tag-listing more robust.
2013-12-13 Fredrik TolfAdded a program for checking online manga updates.
2013-12-11 Fredrik TolfAdded batoto byname implementation.
2013-12-11 Fredrik TolfFixed batoto search bug.
2013-12-04 Fredrik TolfRemoved debug message.
2013-12-04 Fredrik TolfFixed Batoto reversal bug.
2013-12-04 Fredrik TolfAdded a Batoto library.
2013-12-04 Fredrik TolfExtracted the standard imgstream from mrnet and mangafo...
2013-12-04 Fredrik TolfDecode gzipped pages on the fly in htcache.
2013-12-02 Fredrik TolfAdded argument syntax for automanga to edit and list...
2013-12-02 Fredrik TolfOverwrite profile files more robustly.
2013-12-02 Fredrik TolfAdded profile support for tagging manga.
2013-09-13 Fredrik TolfImproved mangafox, probably.
2013-09-13 Fredrik TolfAllow libraries to specify reasons for not finding...
2013-07-23 Fredrik TolfFixed a few bugs.
2013-07-23 Fredrik TolfAdded keyword search to mangafox.
2013-07-23 Fredrik TolfImproved main-script structure slightly.
2013-07-23 Fredrik TolfAdded simplistic keyword searching to mrnet and local...
2013-07-19 Fredrik TolfFixed pan bug when reallocating pageview.
2013-07-19 Fredrik TolfMake {,back}space pan between the edges of a zoomed...
2013-07-13 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2013-07-13 Fredrik TolfAdded a simple method for open profile files.
2013-07-13 Fredrik TolfImproved mangafox URL matching.
2013-05-28 Fredrik TolfAdded alternative mangafox chapter URLs.
2013-05-17 Fredrik TolfFixed progressbar bug.
2013-05-17 Fredrik TolfAlways close the pixbufloader.
2013-05-17 Fredrik TolfAdded a dummy save method to manga profiles.
2013-05-15 Fredrik TolfUse a PixbufLoader to load image data.
2013-05-15 Fredrik TolfSave current zoom mode.
2013-05-15 Fredrik TolfChanged profile interface a bit.
2013-05-13 Fredrik TolfAdded page refresh(/retry) feature.
2013-05-12 Fredrik TolfCanonize manga ID when setting aliases.
2013-05-12 Fredrik TolfAdded manga aliases.
2013-05-12 Fredrik TolfAdded manga iterator and byname function to mrnet.
2013-05-12 Fredrik TolfAdded a library for
2013-05-12 Fredrik TolfMade the htcache more overrideable.