2022-06-27 Fredrik Tolfbin: Fixed float decoding bug. master
2022-06-27 Fredrik Tolfbin: Added coding and decoding of floats.
2022-06-16 Fredrik Tolfbin: Fixed boolean encoding bug.
2022-01-19 Fredrik Tolfbin: Fixed context-less load().
2022-01-17 Fredrik TolfMake namedtype creation compatible with older Python...
2022-01-13 Fredrik Tolfdata: Replace usymbol/string equivalence with obj __get...
2022-01-13 Fredrik Tolfbin: Fix string reference bug.
2022-01-11 Fredrik TolfMove namedtype from bin to data.
2022-01-11 Fredrik Tolfbin: Make decoder type creation overridable.
2022-01-09 Fredrik TolfAdded binary encoder.
2022-01-09 Fredrik TolfIgnore /build.
2022-01-03 Fredrik TolfAdded distutils script.
2022-01-03 Fredrik TolfAdded initial binary decoder.