2008-03-24 Fredrik TolfUpdated control files for adding changelog entries. master
2008-03-24 Fredrik TolfFixed bug parsing -N.
2008-01-27 Fredrik TolfAdded -m operation to dcp-init.
2008-01-27 Fredrik TolfFixed typo.
2008-01-27 Fredrik TolfFixed typo.
2008-01-27 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of git.dolda2000.com:/srv/git...
2008-01-27 Fredrik TolfRead default configuration from home directory.
2008-01-06 Fredrik TolfMust specify -rfakeroot to dpkg-buildpackage in Ubuntu.
2008-01-06 Fredrik TolfUse bash everywhere.
2008-01-06 Fredrik TolfCannot use -q to git init, since it is new.
2008-01-06 Fredrik TolfFix repo sharing.
2008-01-06 Fredrik TolfInit the repo as shared.
2008-01-06 Fredrik TolfRemoved a debugging feature.
2008-01-06 Fredrik TolfCreated the dcp-recent script.
2008-01-06 Fredrik TolfInitial import.