2019-11-11 Fredrik TolfFixed HTTP-client query-string handling bug. master
2019-11-11 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2019-11-11 Fredrik TolfProperly process Gtk2 error-times as gint64s.
2019-11-11 Fredrik TolfFixed bz-decompress error message bug.
2019-11-11 Fredrik TolfFixed pointer type mismatch in client krb5 processing.
2017-10-06 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of git://
2017-03-18 Fredrik TolfFixed hublist decompression error message bug.
2014-03-26 Fredrik TolfBe more strict on incoming searches.
2014-03-26 Fredrik TolfCheck against illegal transfer state.
2014-03-26 Fredrik TolfRemove Bash dependencies from configure script.
2014-03-26 Fredrik TolfModernized to match new autoconf and automake.
2012-05-22 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of /srv/git/r/doldaconnect
2011-11-19 Fredrik TolfFixed ADC parsing bug.
2011-09-08 Fredrik TolfStrip dchub:// prefix from XML hublists.
2011-07-01 Fredrik TolfProperly parse search size expressions as off_t, not...
2011-05-22 Fredrik TolfFixed typo in guile intresp.
2009-11-05 Fredrik TolfFixed typo.
2009-11-05 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of nerv:/usr/local/src/doldaconnect
2009-11-05 Fredrik TolfTruncate the calculated transfer curpos when reading...
2009-05-22 Fredrik TolfFixed autoconf API change.
2009-04-20 Fredrik TolfAbandon the socket properly when freeing a DC hub.
2009-04-20 Fredrik TolfDo not attempt to run doldacond from dolcon-launch...
2008-12-03 Fredrik TolfCompensate for pipeline buffering in upload presentation.
2008-11-12 Fredrik TolfAdded comment syntax to hubmgr's hublist file.
2008-11-06 Fredrik TolfFixed bug occurring when netcsconn happens.
2008-10-31 Fredrik TolfFixed a segfault bug when a fnetnode connect fails.
2008-10-19 Fredrik TolfMerge commit 'origin/master'
2008-10-19 Fredrik TolfVerbump
2008-10-19 Fredrik TolfHandle HTTP redirections automatically.
2008-10-18 Fredrik TolfWhitespace fix.
2008-10-18 Fredrik TolfCreated a release checklist.
2008-10-18 Fredrik TolfUpdated ChangeLog. 1.3
2008-10-18 Fredrik TolfThe hublist at finally fixed their bogus...
2008-10-18 Fredrik TolfDon't try to set reqstat XAs on non-absolute pathnames.
2008-10-18 Fredrik TolfFurther clarify Linux TOS limitations.
2008-10-18 Fredrik TolfMention pkg-config as a bootstrap dependency.
2008-10-18 Fredrik TolfA number of transfer-related bugfixes.
2008-10-18 Fredrik TolfMoved the post-done transfer reset responsibility to...
2008-10-18 Fredrik TolfFixed a couple of xfer management bugs in fnet-dc.c.
2008-10-17 Fredrik TolfFixed double-free bug in filtercmd handler.
2008-10-17 Fredrik TolfFixed typo-related memory leak.
2008-10-17 Fredrik TolfUpdate source refs in sv.po.
2008-10-17 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'socket' into transsock
2008-10-17 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' into socket
2008-10-17 Fredrik TolfIgnore TAGS files.
2008-10-17 Fredrik TolfDisabled socket debug messages.
2008-10-17 Fredrik TolfFixed up the transfer system a great deal.
2008-10-13 Fredrik TolfFixed possible child wait race condition.
2008-10-10 Fredrik TolfImproved Debian init script.
2008-09-18 Fredrik TolfPlugged a couple of memory leaks.
2008-06-08 Fredrik TolfFixed a memory leak in the trpipe fitting.
2008-06-08 Fredrik TolfFixed up the netcsconn fix.
2008-06-08 Fredrik TolfBugfixed the socket debugging.
2008-06-08 Fredrik TolfAdded socket debugging support.
2008-06-08 Fredrik TolfFirst potentially working version of the transsocket.
2008-06-08 Fredrik Tolfnetcsconn revision
2008-06-05 Fredrik TolfRelease the authmech before starting to free data in...
2008-05-29 Fredrik TolfDecrease the number of symbols required.
2008-05-28 Fredrik TolfWrote a bit more about the TOS issues in the doldacond...
2008-05-28 Fredrik TolfClarified the dscp-tos documentation a bit.
2008-05-28 Fredrik TolfFixed documentation typo.
2008-05-28 Fredrik TolfAllow the usage of the TOS API to set DSCP values on...
2008-05-27 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2008-05-27 Fredrik TolfCheck for xattr support in configure script.
2008-05-27 Fredrik TolfAdded XATTR logging facility to the reqstat module.
2008-05-05 Fredrik TolfSlightly changed TODO.
2008-05-05 Fredrik TolfAllocate dc_srv_local in the .data segment rather than...
2008-04-28 Fredrik TolfAdded a Debain init script to contrib.
2008-04-24 Fredrik TolfDetect errors when writing to sockets.
2008-04-17 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of pc18:/srv/git/r/doldaconnect
2008-04-11 Fredrik TolfVerbump.
2008-04-11 Fredrik TolfIncremental work on excorcising the transfer iface.
2008-04-06 Fredrik TolfOnly print file link name in lsdl.
2008-03-21 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'socket' into transsock
2008-03-21 Fredrik TolfFixed buffer eating bug in transfer system.
2008-03-21 Fredrik TolfFirst attempt at replacing sockblock with autoblocking.
2008-03-21 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'socket' into transsock
2008-03-21 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of pc18:/srv/git/r/doldaconnect
2008-03-21 Fredrik TolfReturn errors directly from sockflush.
2008-03-21 Fredrik TolfFixed some socket leaks.
2008-03-21 Fredrik TolfFixed a bug in lstgetremotename2.
2008-03-21 Fredrik TolfInitial work on purging the transfer iface in favor...
2008-03-21 Fredrik TolfMinor socket fixes
2008-03-21 Fredrik TolfMade download columns resizable.
2008-03-16 Fredrik TolfFixed memory leak in fnet-dc's udpread.
2008-03-16 Fredrik TolfFixed sleeping SEGV.
2008-03-16 Fredrik TolfFixed the immediately obvious socket bugs.
2008-03-16 Fredrik TolfFinished attempt at the new socket implementation.
2008-03-16 Fredrik TolfInitial work on the new implementation
2008-03-16 Fredrik TolfPorted interfacing modules to new socket API.
2008-03-15 Fredrik TolfNew socket API draft.
2008-03-15 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of pc18:/srv/git/r/doldaconnect
2008-03-15 Fredrik TolfWrite the hash cache back to disk whenever it is dirty...
2008-03-15 Fredrik TolfConverted pollsocks to use select instead of poll.
2008-03-15 Fredrik TolfMade the updatehmlist implementation buffered using...
2008-03-09 Fredrik TolfRemoved some obsolete messages from sv.po.
2008-03-08 Fredrik TolfUpdated EXTRA_DIST in doc.
2008-03-08 Fredrik TolfInclude stdint.h in dolcon.c as well.
2008-03-08 Fredrik TolfIncluded stdint.h in files that use intmax_t.
2008-03-08 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of