Fixed some TransferOutput bugs.
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2022-03-05 Fredrik TolfFixed some TransferOutput bugs. master
2022-02-19 Fredrik TolfFixed some event-server channel-transfer bugs.
2022-02-18 Fredrik TolfEnsure the client watcher has been properly closed...
2022-02-18 Fredrik TolfAdded support for jagi.status "chain".
2022-02-18 Fredrik TolfConfigure channel blocking as part of adding to the...
2022-02-18 Fredrik TolfHandle unterminated streams in feed-input.
2022-02-17 Fredrik TolfThrow error on response-less responses.
2022-02-17 Fredrik TolfAdded event-driven server.
2022-02-16 Fredrik TolfHandle cancelled selection keys... "properly"?
2022-02-16 Fredrik TolfFix potential invalid select timeouts.
2022-02-16 Fredrik TolfLog errors when closing watchers.
2022-02-16 Fredrik TolfAdded Watcher.added().
2022-02-14 Fredrik TolfActually implement event-driver timeouts.
2022-02-14 Fredrik TolfFixed heap removal bug.
2022-02-14 Fredrik TolfUse -1 from to signal closure, rather...
2022-02-13 Fredrik TolfAdded a basic event-loop driver.
2022-02-10 Fredrik TolfInitial commit.