2021-06-14 Tomas WenströmFine-tune fire mode master
2021-06-14 Tomas WenströmAdd fire mode
2021-06-14 Tomas WenströmRename noise mode
2020-11-22 Tomas WenströmMerge branch 'master' of ssh://dolda2000.com/srv/git...
2020-11-22 Tomas WenströmAny number of colors (>1) for noise mode
2020-07-14 Tomas WenströmAdd very special handling for the MJPG video format
2020-07-14 Tomas WenströmAvoid division by zero
2020-07-14 Tomas WenströmDon't specify JDK version in name of jdk property
2020-07-13 Tomas WenströmAdd video device to config
2019-12-06 Tomas WenströmBugfix - seconds to milliseconds
2019-12-06 Tomas WenströmDon't calculate sun colors when sun is completely up
2019-12-06 Tomas WenströmMove ListPosition inside VideoFrame
2019-12-06 Tomas WenströmBugfix - let PipeController set modes
2019-12-02 Tomas WenströmMerge branch 'master' of ssh://dolda2000.com/srv/git...
2019-12-02 Tomas WenströmSynchronize on threads on wait/notify
2019-12-02 Tomas WenströmCan't pop the last mode
2019-12-01 Tomas WenströmBugfix - use pause flag
2019-12-01 Tomas WenströmPush and pop modes
2019-12-01 Tomas WenströmPause/resume modes when stacking
2019-12-01 Tomas WenströmUse stack of modes instead of just one
2019-11-28 Tomas WenströmAdd build target
2019-11-28 Tomas WenströmFix quit command and move help command
2019-11-28 Tomas WenströmCould not compile with import *
2019-11-28 Tomas WenströmBugfix - reader was closed after reading
2019-11-27 Tomas WenströmDisable native hook for now
2019-11-27 Tomas WenströmAdd sunrise mode
2019-11-26 Tomas WenströmAdd command control via named pipe
2019-11-25 Tomas WenströmBugfix
2019-11-25 Tomas WenströmLet brightness command handle delta changes
2019-11-25 Tomas WenströmReplace old command parsing with new
2019-11-25 Tomas WenströmHelp command for listing all commands
2019-11-25 Tomas WenströmRegister and use commands
2019-11-25 Tomas WenströmMove color parsing method to command
2019-11-25 Tomas WenströmOnly pass console to command on activate
2019-11-24 Tomas WenströmBugfix - match arguments
2019-11-24 Tomas WenströmNew two-color noise mode + initial draft on commands
2019-11-24 Tomas WenströmMove all modes to package kaka.cakelight.mode
2019-09-24 Tomas WenströmNew smooth video mode that mixes the new frame with...
2019-08-18 Tomas WenströmChange arm6 -> arm in JNativeHook jar
2019-08-18 Tomas WenströmAdd JNativeHook to build file
2019-08-18 Tomas WenströmJNativeHook proof of concept
2019-08-11 Tomas WenströmActually change gamma upon config change
2019-08-11 Tomas WenströmBugfix - group regex
2019-08-11 Tomas WenströmBugfix - remove breaks
2019-08-11 Tomas WenströmAdd console command for saturation
2019-08-11 Tomas WenströmOnly output bytes read when something's wrong
2019-08-11 Tomas WenströmLimit range of saturation config
2019-08-11 Tomas WenströmMade saturation configuration
2019-08-11 Tomas WenströmAdd gamma control in console
2019-08-11 Tomas WenströmAdd single color mode
2019-04-09 Tomas WenströmBugfix - draw leds black when list is off instead of...
2019-04-09 Tomas WenströmAdded config for turning off lists
2019-03-25 Tomas WenströmAdded console command to switch to video mode
2019-03-25 Tomas WenströmAlways return a configuration
2019-03-23 Tomas WenströmRenamed Frame to VideoFrame
2019-03-23 Tomas WenströmRenamed a thread
2019-03-23 Tomas WenströmUnnecessary lambda usage
2017-11-05 Tomas WenströmAdded a rainbow noise mode
2017-11-05 Tomas WenströmMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2017-10-31 Tomas WenströmAdded TODO
2017-09-04 Tomas WenströmBugfixes
2017-09-04 Tomas WenströmMerge branch 'master' of router:/srv/git/kaka/cakelight
2017-09-04 Tomas WenströmAdded 2 ambient modes
2017-09-04 Tomas WenströmTurn off lights when exiting
2017-08-25 Tomas WenströmFirst draft of a console
2017-08-25 Tomas WenströmChanged 'level' to 'brightness'
2017-08-24 Tomas WenströmAnother adjustment to 'under the sea'
2017-08-24 Tomas WenströmBugfix - switched min/max
2017-08-24 Tomas WenströmAdded a light level config (0-31) for APA102 only
2017-08-24 Tomas WenströmUpdated the 'under the sea' ambient mode
2017-08-14 Tomas WenströmActually remove config.properties from the repo
2017-08-14 Tomas WenströmAdded support for APA102 LED strips
2017-08-14 Tomas WenströmMoved config.properties out of the repo
2017-06-07 Tomas WenströmTry using only the hue in video mode, with max saturati...
2017-06-05 Tomas WenströmAdded gamma correction
2017-05-08 Tomas WenströmChanged to model 4 (testing)
2017-05-08 Tomas WenströmSleep 20 ms each frame in the ambient mode
2017-05-03 Tomas WenströmRun in video mode unless arguments are supplied
2017-05-03 Tomas WenströmNew shifting color mode
2017-04-24 Tomas WenströmNew ambient mode
2017-04-23 Tomas WenströmRemoved commented lines + todos
2017-04-23 Tomas WenströmMade the ambient mode nicer
2017-04-23 Tomas WenströmChanged the direction of the LEDs + changed color forma...
2017-04-23 Tomas WenströmAdded a draft for an ambient mode
2017-04-23 Tomas WenströmRefactored the LED frames backing data
2017-04-23 Tomas WenströmAdded another key to exit the GUI - 'q'
2017-04-23 Tomas WenströmAdded a custom Color class
2017-04-22 Tomas WenströmMade separate jar task
2017-04-22 Tomas WenströmAdded an Ant build file and a small SPI test
2017-04-14 Tomas WenströmAdded Pi4J library
2017-04-14 Tomas WenströmAdded configuration for pixel format and adapted config...
2017-03-29 Tomas WenströmRefactored some consumers
2017-03-28 Tomas WenströmAdded a LED controller that consumes LED frames from...
2017-03-22 Tomas WenströmAdded a device listener
2017-03-21 Tomas WenströmMade a GUI tester for video capture
2017-03-12 Tomas WenströmWIP
2017-02-12 Tomas Wenströminitial commit