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2021-02-10 Tomas WenströmToggle debug mode with keypad enter
2021-02-08 Tomas WenströmImplemented PartialEq for Angle
2021-02-08 Tomas WenströmReplaced Degrees and Radians with a single Angle type
2021-02-08 Tomas WenströmRenamed operator impl macro for Point
2021-02-08 Tomas WenströmBounce bolls off of walls in a proper angle
2021-02-07 Tomas WenströmFixed warning - irrefutable let pattern
2021-02-07 Tomas WenströmRenamed Grid.cell_size -> scale
2021-02-07 Tomas WenströmRefactor walls
2021-02-07 Tomas WenströmUse enum values directly
2021-02-07 Tomas WenströmRemoved old code
2021-02-07 Tomas WenströmAdded a supercover line algorithm for better collision...
2021-02-06 Tomas WenströmBugfix - don't return unless Some
2021-02-06 Tomas WenströmAdded a graphical testing state
2021-02-06 Tomas WenströmTypo
2021-02-01 Tomas WenströmWIP: Wall intersection
2021-01-31 Tomas WenströmCollect wall points into walls and place them in a...
2021-01-30 Tomas WenströmMade wall smoothness adjustable
2021-01-30 Tomas WenströmBugfix
2021-01-30 Tomas WenströmGeneric grids
2021-01-30 Tomas WenströmPoint2D -> Point
2021-01-30 Tomas WenströmCharacter is pushed up when within ground
2021-01-30 Tomas WenströmRefactored level generation + fixed bug with wall finding
2021-01-30 Tomas WenströmFind, filter and outline regions
2021-01-29 Tomas WenströmReorganized mod common and added a smart scope timer
2021-01-26 Tomas WenströmUse stack of app states
2021-01-24 Tomas WenströmAdjust the boll collisions
2021-01-24 Tomas WenströmAllow dead code
2021-01-24 Tomas WenströmPlaying around with a bunch of things
2021-01-24 Tomas WenströmDelete smaller wall regions and leave only one room
2021-01-24 Tomas WenströmRefactor
2021-01-23 Tomas WenströmGenerate a grid with cellular automata
2021-01-23 Tomas WenströmRename methods and use f64's conversion between radians...
2021-01-23 Tomas Wenströmnormalize() to normalized()
2021-01-23 Tomas WenströmDo rendering via a renderer instead of sdl
2021-01-19 Tomas WenströmLimit stick point to unit vector
2021-01-19 Tomas WenströmReplaced mapping struct with hashmap
2021-01-17 Tomas WenströmBolls bounce on walls
2021-01-17 Tomas WenströmPrint joystick power level when pressing start
2021-01-17 Tomas WenströmPlaceholder controller mapping
2021-01-17 Tomas WenströmAdded a hashmap macro
2021-01-17 Tomas WenströmNo need for mutable references
2021-01-17 Tomas WenströmUse durations everywhere!
2021-01-17 Tomas WenströmFleshed out the controller
2021-01-17 Tomas WenströmAdded simple bolls mario can shoot
2021-01-16 Tomas WenströmAdd Degrees and Radians as newtypes
2021-01-16 Tomas WenströmImplement point operators with macro
2021-01-14 Tomas WenströmImplemented more operators for point
2021-01-12 Tomas WenströmAdded a basic gamestate with a controlled mario
2021-01-10 Tomas WenströmGive added device to any disconnected controller
2021-01-10 Tomas WenströmMinor refactor
2021-01-09 Tomas WenströmAdded a controller manager
2021-01-06 Tomas WenströmRenamed module game to core
2021-01-06 Tomas WenströmMoved rendering to ActiveState
2021-01-06 Tomas WenströmMark the current display modes
2021-01-06 Tomas WenströmRemoved global use of SCREEN_WIDTH/HEIGHT
2021-01-05 Tomas WenströmRect macro
2021-01-05 Tomas WenströmFixed a warning and allowed two others
2021-01-05 Tomas WenströmMoved main loop to App
2021-01-05 Tomas WenströmVsync instead of fps + print display modes
2021-01-03 Tomas WenströmBuilt an app builder and other minor things
2021-01-02 Tomas WenströmUse String instead of &str in struct
2021-01-02 Tomas WenströmBugfix
2021-01-02 Tomas WenströmFixed warning
2021-01-02 Tomas WenströmMoved app to game
2021-01-02 Tomas Wenströmexpect() with formatting -> unwrap_or_else()
2019-07-07 Tomas WenströmRemove unnecessary mut
2019-07-07 Tomas WenströmUse macro from common
2019-02-15 Tomas WenströmMove boll handling and rendering into an app state
2019-02-15 Tomas WenströmUnnecessary mutability
2019-02-15 Tomas WenströmMove app to module
2019-02-15 Tomas WenströmUse unsafe textures and move some things into an app...
2019-02-15 Tomas WenströmPrint some window events
2019-02-15 Tomas WenströmToggle fullscreen with F11
2019-02-15 Tomas WenströmMove some sprite logic into a SpriteManager
2019-02-10 Tomas WenströmNew boll - CircleBoll
2019-02-09 Tomas WenströmUse trait for boll variants
2019-02-07 Tomas WenströmInitial commit