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ownerTomas Wenström
last changeSun, 28 Feb 2021 19:58:13 +0000 (20:58 +0100)
2021-02-28 Tomas WenströmAdded a jumping trigger and state master
2021-02-28 Tomas WenströmCharacter states - first draft
2021-02-24 Tomas WenströmRemoved the unused ActiveState
2021-02-24 Tomas WenströmMoved out objects from game module
2021-02-18 Tomas WenströmUse GameControllers instead of Joysticks
2021-02-17 Tomas WenströmStop bolls from passing through walls
2021-02-14 Tomas WenströmCollide with the walls instead of the grid
2021-02-14 Tomas WenströmOnly collide with walls from the front
2021-02-14 Tomas WenströmReplaced reference with smart pointer in Wall
2021-02-14 Tomas WenströmUse .signum() instead of if-else
2021-02-13 Tomas WenströmRenamed common to util
2021-02-13 Tomas WenströmMoved geometry to root level
2021-02-10 Tomas WenströmFixed a bunch of clippy suggestions
2021-02-10 Tomas WenströmToggle debug mode with keypad enter
2021-02-08 Tomas WenströmImplemented PartialEq for Angle
2021-02-08 Tomas WenströmReplaced Degrees and Radians with a single Angle type
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