Changed the Makefile for gmake.
[kokare.git] / kokare.c
2008-08-28 Fredrik TolfUpdated thermistor constant.
2008-08-27 Fredrik TolfCorrected the convcycle comments.
2007-07-07 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2007-07-07 Fredrik TolfNew Triac effect.
2007-07-07 Fredrik TolfNew calibration value.
2007-07-05 Fredrik TolfAlways redisplay in state 1.
2007-07-05 Fredrik TolfSave last set temperature.
2007-07-05 Fredrik TolfSet SEGPs immediately.
2007-07-05 Fredrik TolfMore intelligent Triac setting.
2007-07-04 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2007-07-04 Fredrik TolfUse only one version of getticks.
2007-07-04 Fredrik TolfFixed race condition in getticks.
2007-07-02 Fredrik TolfSet target temperature instead of Triac effect.
2007-07-02 Fredrik TolfRemoved the obsolete `of' variable.
2007-07-02 Fredrik TolfCycle the display from the Timer2 interrupt.
2007-07-02 Fredrik TolfRun Triac cycle in Timer0 interrupt.
2007-06-30 Fredrik TolfOnly run the conversion cycle at 5 Hz.
2007-06-30 Fredrik TolfAdded temperature conversion loop and Celsius display.
2007-06-30 Fredrik TolfMade a lot of interrupt-usage variabled volatile.
2007-06-29 Fredrik TolfBugfix for switch detection.
2007-06-28 Fredrik TolfUpdated to new pin values.
2007-06-26 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2007-06-21 Fredrik TolfFix ZVD debug conditional.
2007-06-21 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2007-06-21 Fredrik TolfAdded ZVD debugging.
2007-06-21 Fredrik TolfSet all ISP pins to outputs.
2007-06-15 Fredrik TolfBetter Triac triggering.
2007-06-15 Fredrik TolfAdded ZVD and Triac control.
2007-06-11 Fredrik TolfInitial commit.