2010-05-17 Fredrik TolfCOMMON-NET: Added a recursive DNS resolver.
2010-05-17 Fredrik TolfCOMMON-NET: Improved DNS caching.
2010-05-17 Fredrik TolfCOMMON-NET: Fixed DN decoding bug.
2010-05-17 Fredrik TolfCOMMON-NET: Added functions for construction TCP/UDP...
2010-05-16 Fredrik TolfCOMMON-NET: Read /etc/resolv.conf on Unix.
2010-05-16 Fredrik TolfCOMMON-NET: Added basic DNS communication.
2010-05-15 Fredrik TolfCOMMON-NET: Added a couple of functions for parsing...
2010-05-15 Fredrik TolfCOMMON-NET: Fixed a couple of DNS decoding bugs.
2010-05-15 Fredrik TolfStarted on a DNS client for COMMON-NET.
2010-05-13 Fredrik TolfCOMMON-NET: Don't actually hang on READ-CHAR-NO-HANG...
2010-05-13 Fredrik TolfIgnore more kinds of FASL files.
2010-05-13 Fredrik TolfCOMMON-NET: Added TCP implementation for ABCL.
2010-05-13 Fredrik TolfEnabled initialization of IP addresses from another...
2010-05-13 Fredrik TolfCHARCODE: Defined unicode functions for ABCL.
2010-05-13 Fredrik TolfMade the address class model simpler and more useful...
2010-05-11 Fredrik TolfRemoved generic address resolution until a sane scheme...
2010-04-05 Fredrik TolfMake sure always to close the mpcl socket stream properly.
2010-03-30 Fredrik TolfInitial checkin of common-net.
2010-03-30 Fredrik TolfCHARCODE: Disable codec streams until I can find a...
2010-03-11 Fredrik TolfSignal an error when a named codec could not be found.
2010-03-11 Fredrik TolfAdded keyword synonyms for the current codecs.
2010-03-11 Fredrik TolfA few charcode bugfixes.
2010-03-10 Fredrik TolfAdded strict ASCII codec.
2010-03-10 Fredrik TolfIntroduced a default codec function.
2010-03-10 Fredrik TolfAdded a constructor function for codec-character-streams.
2010-03-10 Fredrik TolfIgnore FASL files.
2010-03-10 Fredrik TolfInitial implementation of CHARCODE.
2010-01-05 Fredrik TolfMade mpcl:connect more standardized.
2009-05-08 Fredrik TolfAdded Lirc and MPCL modules.