2022-01-23 Fredrik Tolfacmecert: Handle older versions of the JSON library. master
2021-11-16 Fredrik Tolfacmecert: Added a simple built-in DER decoder to not...
2021-11-13 Fredrik Tolfacmecert: Reorganized a bit.
2021-11-12 Fredrik Tolfacmecert: Handle application/problem responses better.
2021-11-12 Fredrik Tolfacmecert: Removed obsolete saved code.
2021-11-12 Fredrik Tolfacmecert: Make error reporting more flexible.
2021-11-09 Fredrik Tolfacmecert: Treat pending as processing for a few retries...
2021-11-09 Fredrik Tolfacmecer: Accept "pending" challenge status after submis...
2021-11-09 Fredrik Tolfacmecert: Fixed order invocation error.
2021-11-09 Fredrik Tolfacmecert: Fixed simple typo.
2021-11-09 Fredrik Tolfacmecert: Fixed simple typo.
2021-11-09 Fredrik Tolfacmecert: Set a secure umask when writing account file.
2021-11-09 Fredrik Tolfacmecert: Rationalized invocation.
2021-11-09 Fredrik Tolfacmecert: Added certificate expiry check command.
2021-11-08 Fredrik Tolfacmecert: Initial commit.
2021-10-12 Fredrik TolfAdded gpotp.
2021-02-09 Fredrik Tolfplanime: Use an mpv profile to get host-local TV output...
2021-01-03 Fredrik Tolfplanime: Use getopts for argument parsing.
2020-09-18 Fredrik Tolfcertreq: Add ability to generate intermediate-CA requests.
2019-12-30 Fredrik Tolfanndata: Fixed -d bug.
2019-12-25 Fredrik Tolfanndata: Replaced with new Python version.
2019-12-25 Fredrik Tolfann.py: Further improvements.
2019-12-22 Fredrik Tolfanndl: Print raw names in choice list.
2019-12-22 Fredrik Tolfann.py: Improved list matching.
2019-12-22 Fredrik Tolfanndl: Fixed a couple of bugs.
2019-12-22 Fredrik Tolfann.py: Fixed searching for names beginning with "a ".
2019-12-20 Fredrik Tolfanndl: Replaced with new Python version.
2019-12-20 Fredrik Tolfann.py: Various improvements.
2019-12-20 Fredrik TolfChecked in anndl.
2019-01-23 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of git.dolda2000.com:/srv/git...
2019-01-23 Fredrik Tolfloadcpu: Added SNB-optimized spinloop.
2018-10-12 Fredrik TolfAdded gpgrep.
2018-10-12 Fredrik TolfFixed gpvi mode.
2018-10-12 Fredrik TolfAdded gpvi.
2018-09-14 Fredrik Tolfgpio: Fixed usage message.
2018-09-14 Fredrik Tolfgpio: Added port inquiry.
2018-09-14 Fredrik Tolfgpio: Auto-export ports.
2018-09-14 Fredrik Tolfgpio: Added port-number mapping.
2018-09-14 Fredrik TolfAdded rpi gpio program.
2018-04-06 Fredrik Tolfplanime: Upgrade to new mpv audio option.
2018-03-24 Fredrik TolfSlightly dubious certreq adjustments.
2018-01-18 Fredrik TolfAdded certreq to make creating more complex CSRs easier.
2017-11-26 Fredrik TolfAdded latexps.
2017-10-16 Fredrik TolfUpdated mpsync FPS retrieval for new mpv version.
2017-06-10 Fredrik TolfAdded a working pdu.
2017-05-07 Fredrik TolfAdded logtail.
2017-04-07 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of git.dolda2000.com:/srv/git...
2017-04-07 Fredrik TolfAdded CPU loading utility.
2017-03-06 Fredrik TolfRevert "Replaced rsc with a bash version without remote...
2017-02-19 Fredrik TolfAdded compile-command to pstack.c.
2017-02-19 Fredrik TolfAdded pstack program.
2016-12-20 Fredrik TolfLog planime invocations.
2016-05-28 Fredrik TolfReplaced rsc with a bash version without remote depende...
2016-04-15 Fredrik Tolfmpsync improvements.
2016-04-15 Fredrik TolfCheck in mpsync.
2016-01-13 Fredrik TolfMade a basic BS-based Python ANN module.
2015-05-29 Fredrik TolfUpdated to use mpv instead of mplayer.
2014-12-19 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of git.dolda2000.com:/srv/git...
2014-12-19 Fredrik Tolfplanime: Changed TV configuration.
2014-12-19 Fredrik Tolfplanime: Avoid infinite loop in -A.
2014-12-19 Fredrik Tolfplanime: Added base aliases.
2013-11-30 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of git.dolda2000.com:/srv/git...
2013-11-30 Fredrik TolfANN: Updated HTML patterns.
2012-02-15 Fredrik TolfCheck in ordershare.
2011-09-30 Fredrik Tolfnextep: Remove empty data directories when unsetting...
2011-09-30 Fredrik Tolfnextep: Create data directory only if necessary.
2011-06-05 Fredrik TolfAdded nextep database program.
2011-05-20 Fredrik Tolfplanime: Fixed proper quoting of basename.
2011-03-10 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of git.dolda2000.com:/srv/git...
2011-03-10 Fredrik Tolfanndata: Added option for browsing to the current direc...
2011-02-24 Fredrik TolfAdded alignment checking to sztest.
2011-02-24 Fredrik TolfImproved sztest argument parsing.
2011-01-13 Fredrik Tolfsztest: Use bash specifically.
2010-09-26 Fredrik Tolfanndata: Use proper output coding for all modes.
2010-08-01 Fredrik TolfAdded rdp.
2010-07-30 Fredrik TolfAdded lsanime.
2010-07-14 Fredrik TolfANN: Fixed name detection bug in presence of "The".
2010-04-20 Fredrik Tolfplanime: Improved series selection and curser handling.
2010-04-20 Fredrik Tolfsztest: Added local headers option.
2009-12-15 Fredrik TolfAdded a few previously unversioned utils.
2009-12-15 Fredrik TolfAdded a gitignore.
2009-12-15 fredrikAdded evcat.
2009-12-15 fredrikExit properly on errors in icom.
2009-10-08 fredrikANN: Use the decoded HTTP content for proper Unicode.
2009-10-04 fredrikAdded debug mode and option termination.
2009-08-27 fredrikANN: Updated HTML patterns
2009-05-16 fredrikautodlctl: Fixed a bug in reading the badsizes list
2009-05-16 fredrikplanime: Added an option to just print the intended...
2009-01-21 fredrikPrioritize correctly between different matching files.
2008-12-09 fredrikAdded pretend mode to planime.
2008-10-03 fredrikUpdated theme HTML.
2008-07-20 fredrikUpdated utils.
2008-05-20 fredrikPrint WP matches first, since YP takes more time.
2008-05-15 fredrikCompare names case insensitively in tel2name.
2008-05-15 fredrikPrint matches asynchronously.
2008-05-15 fredrikCheck for PBX numbers in tel2name.
2008-02-11 fredrikInitial checkin of miditool.
2007-11-24 fredrikplanime can now load {a,s}{lang,id} from info file.
2007-11-21 fredrikAdded icom utils.
2007-10-07 fredrikMake rbtadd work outside of the LAN.