2012-12-23 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' into jython jython
2012-12-23 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of git.dolda2000.com:/srv/git...
2012-12-23 Fredrik TolfDisallow non-GET requests in wmako.
2012-12-23 Fredrik TolfFixed node __str__ conversion bug.
2012-12-23 Fredrik TolfAdded support for mapping around reserved keywords...
2012-12-19 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' into jython
2012-12-19 Fredrik TolfSupport chunked request-bodies.
2012-11-28 Fredrik TolfAdded some more URI reconstruction tools.
2012-11-16 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' into jython
2012-11-16 Fredrik TolfFixed sp formatter bug.
2012-08-31 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' into jython
2012-08-30 Fredrik TolfUse the limited reader for reading form data.
2012-08-30 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' into jython
2012-08-30 Fredrik TolfAdded a byte-limited reader for the WSGI input stream.
2012-08-28 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' into jython
2012-08-28 Fredrik TolfDecode CGI CONTENT_{TYPE,LENGTH} properly into ihead.
2012-08-27 Fredrik TolfMake sure to properly close form multiparts on __exit__.
2012-08-27 Fredrik TolfAllow shorting of meta and link tags.
2012-08-08 Fredrik TolfUglified util.formparams to be 2.5-compatible as well.
2012-08-08 Fredrik TolfInserted __future__ import of with_statement to be...
2012-08-05 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of git.dolda2000.com:/srv/git...
2012-08-05 Fredrik TolfChanged some whitespace usage.
2012-08-05 Fredrik TolfAdded a simple function for producing an optionally...
2012-08-05 Fredrik TolfSet expiration properly on session cookies.
2012-08-05 Fredrik TolfAdded a helper function to cookie module to format...
2012-08-05 Fredrik TolfFixed missing import in proto.py.
2012-07-18 Fredrik TolfAdded SERVER_NAME as an immediate request variable.
2012-07-18 Fredrik TolfMade session creation more customizable.
2012-07-08 Fredrik TolfHandle cookie attributes more flexibly.
2012-07-05 Fredrik TolfCall formatter.node as should be proper from formatter...
2012-07-05 Fredrik TolfAdded a SP formatter function to output mere fragments...
2012-07-05 Fredrik TolfMade the wmako library an environment variable.
2012-07-05 Fredrik TolfHandle skeleton transformation more flexibly.
2012-06-29 Fredrik TolfImport specdirty into __init__.
2012-06-29 Fredrik TolfFixed up session-db cleaner-running checks.
2012-06-29 Fredrik TolfAdded more useful repr for sessions.
2012-06-29 Fredrik TolfAttempt to make the session database properly parallel.
2012-06-27 Fredrik TolfRemoved debug message.
2012-06-26 Fredrik TolfTried to create a more advanced sessiondata class for...
2012-06-26 Fredrik TolfFixed up HTTP response status info a bit.
2012-05-24 Fredrik TolfPass the current session to sessiondata constructor.
2012-05-24 Fredrik TolfUse an RLock for session locking.
2012-05-20 Fredrik TolfAdded a SP element for outputting unprocessed code.
2012-05-13 Fredrik TolfUse SP for all wrw.resp.
2012-05-13 Fredrik TolfBackported indent-encoding fix.
2012-05-13 Fredrik TolfAdded a HTML-generation engine that might hopefully...
2012-03-14 Fredrik TolfAlways import the proto module.
2012-03-14 Fredrik TolfAdded a, perhaps overly simplistic, multipart form...
2012-03-14 Fredrik TolfRemember to copy method to request copies.
2012-03-14 Fredrik TolfAlways downcase MIME header parameter names.
2012-03-14 Fredrik TolfAlways upper-case the request method.
2012-03-14 Fredrik TolfAdded a function for parsing MIME-style parameterized...
2012-03-14 Fredrik TolfAdded a request variable for the HTTP method.
2012-02-05 Fredrik TolfFixed env bug.
2012-02-05 Fredrik TolfUse the environment to configure session and skel defau...
2012-02-05 Fredrik TolfUse the env module to catch errors in the dispatcher.
2012-02-05 Fredrik TolfAdded a kind of generic module to handle configuration...
2012-01-05 Fredrik TolfFixed resp.message initialization bug.
2012-01-01 Fredrik TolfRemoved the rather unnecessary backeddb class.
2011-12-30 Fredrik TolfAlways use the latest pickle protocol when freezing...
2011-12-30 Fredrik TolfAdded a way to get sessiondata without creating it.
2011-12-30 Fredrik TolfAdded a mod_python-style form-data application decorator.
2011-12-29 Fredrik TolfFixed autodirty bug.
2011-12-28 Fredrik TolfAdded a utility class for manual dirty management.
2011-12-28 Fredrik TolfSplit the dirty management out from sessiondata.
2011-12-21 Fredrik TolfAdded a utility class for session data storage.
2011-12-21 Fredrik TolfDon't commit sessions to db.live before they are dirty.
2011-12-21 Fredrik TolfProxy the response iter to make generator code run...
2011-12-01 Fredrik TolfTidied up sessions' freezechecking.
2011-12-01 Fredrik TolfAdded an explicit get function to session databases.
2011-11-29 Fredrik TolfRevert "Use new import format."
2011-11-24 Fredrik TolfUse new import format.
2011-11-24 Fredrik TolfIgnore /build.
2011-11-06 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of git.dolda2000.com:/srv/git...
2011-11-06 Fredrik TolfAdded a redirection restart.
2011-11-06 Fredrik TolfAdded some URL manipulation functions to wrw.proto.
2011-11-01 Fredrik TolfRemoved __future__ import from wmako for consistency.
2011-10-31 Fredrik TolfProperly distribute the built-in Mako library.
2011-10-31 Fredrik TolfAdded a simplifying mako dispatcher.
2011-10-31 Fredrik TolfFixed form handler bug when no POST data is present.
2011-10-31 Fredrik TolfAdded a distutils script.
2011-10-31 Fredrik TolfCatch cookie errors.
2011-05-30 Fredrik TolfMade requests shallow-cloneable.
2011-05-28 Fredrik TolfAdded a simple filesystem handler.
2011-05-28 Fredrik TolfFixed some typos.
2011-05-27 Fredrik TolfAdded a resp module with basic response restarts.
2011-05-27 Fredrik TolfAdded a proto module with basic utilities without highe...
2011-05-27 Fredrik TolfAdded a per-session class-based handler wrapper.
2011-05-27 Fredrik TolfFixed restart typo.
2011-05-27 Fredrik TolfDon't send session cookie unless session is dirty.
2011-05-25 Fredrik TolfFixed session cleaning bug.
2011-05-25 Fredrik TolfInitial commit.